Rolling for Initiative

Ah…yeah…I guess I forgot how hectic this time of year can be. I know, silly me.  Still, I wanted to at least do a quick wave to the blogging world, add my own two cents…and I guess I got a high initiative?

First and foremost there has been my need to make my home feel more homey–and not in like an OG way, but you know, home and hearth kind of way. Two minor projects:  fix a vanity sink and fix a door.  I am learning to fix quite a bit on my own, granted minor things, but it is fun too. I mean you fix it and you are like, yeah, I did that. And hey, I did that for me as I own this place. It is so much different from renting.

After that, at some point I hope to have Will and Karen over to give me ideas about decorating. The backyard I am leaning to half Zen garden and half faery garden–neat idea and suits my diverse interests as well as the space. I may or may not figure a way to take a snapshot and share pending if it looks like it will be safe (you know I love you guys who follow me and those I invited to read my blog, but there are also stalkers…the fun people of the internet).

I was thinking of some kind of blend of this...but I also have a deck. Maybe a deck pool, but there has be some grass, not just all rocks...oh decisions.

I was thinking of some kind of blend of this…but I also have a deck. Maybe a deck pool, but there has be some grass, not just all rocks…oh decisions.

There has been so much I wanted to blog about yet: philosophy, art, selfies, Starfest, writing–some progress, and well, just some funny things but as it is…time…at least for now. It does get better once summer hits and finals are done…but even now I am feeling the guilt of not doing what I “should” at this very moment in space-time.

Speaking of commitments and initiative: I am learning more about Dungeons and Dragons. Someone begged me to play with them and I have to say it has been interesting. I have created a character (an Eladrin, ancient Fey (fairy) race, battle cleric with a drinking problem–I was going for something mystical and warrior-esque but not so uptight she can’t fart. I can be a bit goofy and I know it is part of my charm :) ) and right now I am learning about how fun being a nerd is and initiative. I have to figure out what my initiative is…the game next to us just had their butts handed to them by some…what did he say, zombies?  Even in D&D…they really are everywhere.

From 2nerd.com.  I heard this happens...oh well, either way it sounds like fun so far :)

From 2nerd.com. I heard this happens…oh well, either way it sounds like fun so far :)

Truly, it can be a dragon eat dragon world…and speaking of:  Game of Thrones! Take that Joffrey!

Alright, back to work.  Meh.


That sums up the fifth paper I have read…about two times. I wonder if people ever notice that, sure I get breaks, and often I am working through them? Probably not. Still, I have had better and worse. This one was overall okay.

Yet, as the time presses near I feel the white rabbit peering at me tapping his watch. Remember this? Oh. Right…I am as bad as the papers I just finished reading.  Focus.

Being ill did not help.  Nor did my OCD need to unpack everything. Yes, I did. All settled in my little frontier home, save for one bit of furniture I have to buy (the other part of break was shopping around with my friend Martine at antique shops in search of something special and well priced. I have learned the value of patience through buying a home). Other than that home now feels like home.

All the while here I am rereading another paper, only the second time around, and all I can think of is Firefly. Ah, Firefly, what a show. Great lines, characters…Browncoats.


From Firefly Fans on Facebook.

I wonder as someone who is a Yankee, family fought for the Union and I tend to side with the Union historically speaking, am I a hypocrite for liking Browncoats?

If you think about it, the Browncoats in their philosophy are independent sure, but historically they would be more like the Confederates than the Union. Or maybe the point is more about being independent,  like the Green Party or literally the Independent party? Yet, I would never label them as Tea Party, as they have a bit more compassion for their fellow man, “When you can’t run, you crawl. And when you can’t crawl, when you can’t do that, you find someone to carry you.” That kind of sentiment does not resonate with a group notorious for cutting programs made for those who have issue with “crawling.” That and another browncoat saying, “Never leave a man behind,” just would not fit. Granted I do understand the other side of the coin, those who simply lay down and do not even bother crawling being carried by others not for lack of ability but for lack of effort…by and large though to paint all with such a broad brush leads to the fallacy of hasty generalization, and I am not for fallacious and erroneous arguments being a basis for policy. Sometimes, especially as the recession has shown us, sometimes we just need a little help to get back on out feet. It just happens.

Oh the Greeks were right, in moderation all things.


From Firefly Fans on Facebook.

Yet, back to Browncoats…how can you not love the freedom loving, hard working, and witty lot? A mixture of Zen and the West…and a hot smart ass captain in a long browncoat who lives with his own code of intergrity. Then there is the side he rebels against, the Alliance is painted like an Orwellian Big Brother type of government…maybe that was why it was canceled after only one season…too close to the truth?


From Firefly Fans.

It is hard to say. Meantime back to a philosophical analysis…sigh. Focus, must focus. Must.


Americano, must drink more espresso, must.

So much for less hectic. The big move into my home is this weekend, and I still have a ton of work…but hey at least break is coming up last week of March. Speaking of break, they do not make phones like they used to.

There I am in Home Depot,  about to purchase my first washer and dryer, exciting I realize, but a big deal and expense. Anyway, as I am waiting for the sales associate to be available, she was just chatting with this other lady probably a friend no clue really, I decide to be patient and while waiting play solitaire on my phone. A good idea…until butterfingers (me) lets me watch my phone slip out of my hands and hit the concrete floor.

Unlike a Nokia…well it popped out of its protective case and long story short, it is cracked but workable until I fix it. Meh.

Now here is where I get a laugh: it reminded me of that line from Ghostbusters, “I by guess they don’t make them like they used to,” Venkman rolls his eyes.

“No,” Stanz bops Venkman on the back of the head, “no one ever made them like this. The architect was either a aesthetic genius or a wacko.”

So many good lines from the film…yet, another favorite of mine. My friend Nancy and I had a bit of a quote share last Sunday…

“You’re going to endanger our lives and the life of our client. Remember? The nice lady who paid us in advance before she became a dog.”


Simply classic.

Why can’t Hollywood make something as classic as that again? Is there a kind of brain drain now? It was one of those films, as a kid I loved it, and now as an adult I get some of the innuendos I did not get before…keymaster, gatekeeper…sigh. In a way it got better with time.


From Ghostbusterfans on Facebook. I would be the gatekeeper though...ahem ;).

And now with the passing of another great mind, Harold Ramis who helped create this classic and several other of the all-time great films of the era, I am left saddened. Will there be another like him in this generation? I hope so. In the meantime at least we still have the lines and the moments that made us laugh.


He will be missed.

So there I am in Home Depot looking at the shattered screen grinning. An odd thing to do I suppose. But what the heck? I may be unpacking through all of break, the astonomer Phil Plait may divulge his two cents on this on possible major astronomical event (hope it is not an asteroid world ending deal…I just now bought my first home dang it), and my cats may finally relax knowing there are no dogs in their new home.


It is all okay, we are still on good terms in case you wondered. :)

These are all possibilities, as anything is possible, my friend. ;)

Actually I did the final closing on Friday, but I wanted to celebrate it here today, as this is still a special day to me.

I have not written about it as I did not want to jinx anything (silly superstition). It has been a long and difficult road. When I first started this process I was living with my friend, Martine. Then I had to move with no home in sight until I got the short sale, a duplex, in August.

Yet, if something is meant to be it will be…and I began to wonder about positive vs. negative thinking, and then decided to watch what I post concerning the house as just about all that could go wrong did. Long story short, as the bank took so long for every little response eventually the seller could no longer wait and well, sad story. In the meantime, it left me out of house effectively.

Getting back to why in real estate many adhere to the “if it meant to be” philosophy. Within a week of losing the short sale an end unit townhome in a good area came up. Comparable to the duplex, much better condition (move in ready but I am repainting the master bedroom–red wall? No thanks, rather have green). It is more south but also closer to my friends Cassie and Vicki, and above all it has a garage (take that snow on the car and birdies).


My mother stopped by and did this...so sweet.

It is perfect–the space I wanted with an unfinished good size basement (easily another room and a second bathroom, basically room to grow). That and the deck with a large tree in the backyard, beautiful. It has such a natural peace to it, quite Celtic Zen (Shakespeare moment, I created a phrase, this is a good day :) ). Yet, a bit of sadness as that reminds me of Katie too. She was very supportive through all of this and well, Irish bond. I will not forget her post about her dishwasher and all of her advice on owning a home. She was right…when it is meant to be.

It went so much smoother than the last one. The paperwork, inspections, all of it. I do not know if I should credit “meant to be” or avoiding negativity or what, but I now own a home (well I have a mortgage, a sign of maturity, debt, but hey, this place is cheaper than rent and I get a tax break while building equity too…and I can paint my walls whatever I want–score).


Not my house, but one day working to it. Love the tree spiral staircase

My family was a great help to me, I thank you all, and I will thank you again personally.

While reflecting on home ownership on this special day, I remember talking to my friend Karen, and being reminded of friends recently too.

Karen and I were discussing her possibly visiting this summer, as a housewarming/birthday visit, after all I now have a guest room. We were thinking it could be nice, she noted it would be nice to see me in person since other than this last December we had not hung out in person for about three years. We talked about how funny it was, how life just speeds up and we lose track of time, but despite it all we are still as much of friends as we were when we saw one another more often. As we get older it seems to happen. I have several friends with whom much like Karen we may only talk on the phone here and there (sometimes only once or twice a year) but we are still as much friends as ever. And when we are together it is as though no time has passsed, it is seamless, they are my friends no matter time, distance, how often we get to hang out, and I do not give up on friends. And I am grateful to my friends for knowing me and being patient with me through all of this.


I don't mean to brag or anything, but I make home owning look good while being Zen.

And that is just how I am I guess. On this special day, I hope you enjoy it and have a great day. I will be figuring out shades of green…kind of like shades of grey but I think much better. ;)

Knowing Me

I am really looking forward to March, less hectic maybe, more free time…

Anyway, while helping my friend Martine I made her laugh at a recent discovery of mine, and as such I figure why not share my quirky humor?

I made her laugh because I had felt left down by the silliest of things:  Facebook.  See when you go on Facebook it sometimes has that “Suggested” page list. Singers, artists, magazines, communities, etc.

Well, for whatever the reason last week Facebook recommended several singers (only several rappers and country western stars, not one singer I would ever opt to listen to) for me that made me feel hurt:  Facebook, do you not know me?  Are you really just an advertising marketing system with no sense of an algorithm for what a person like me would like?  Really? We were never really friends, were we Facebook?  You just used me to peddle the wares of others and make a buck or two…so betrayed.

Martine laughed at me as she has been telling me for years, duh. Social media is nothing more than just that, nothing online is really “real.”  I countered that even though some things aren’t real the algorithm for your networking site should at least be better…or smarter, or figure someone who likes Loreena McKennitt may not in fact care about Lil Wayne.

This was my reaction to their "suggestions." From german.fansshare.com

This was my reaction to their “suggestions.”
From german.fansshare.com

I also tried to bring up science articles, and what not, but she said that didn’t count since we were talking about Facebook, and they only sometimes counted. Martine pointed out…and I know this may shock you, but some people create websites and remark on things that they have no credibility to speak on, or facts, whatsoever. After all Stephen Colbert famously altered the Wikipedia pages for African elephants at one point. Though I guess if you ever trusted just Wikipedia as a source that is another issue you may have. Can one trust facts about schools if it is posted by a foundation supported by the Koch brothers? Probably not. Darn you Internet, making us be critical readers and think about sources rather than blindly accepting everything as “fact.”

I guess it isn’t surprising, especially since I have a page on Facebook that people have been liking and I am about 90% sure they have no idea what my page is about at all.  How do you get BDS&M when you are looking at a page dedicated to mythology?  Really?  Should I just start writing erotica instead (fairly sure I could do better than 50 Shades…do not get me started on bad writing)?  Seriously folks, look before you “like.”

Anyway, it made us both laugh.  The whole thing is ridiculous, and if Facebook isn’t worth a good laugh I do not know what is.  At least the Internet can be entertaining…speaking of which, my sister shared with me the following parody which is just so wrong and so funny it might make you have a good giggle too (link here).

This is more my speed after all...

This is more my speed after all…c’mon Facebook, figure it out.

Apologies as it has been a bit hectic again…I figure things will get a little more settled come March for varied reasons.  Either way, here we are and I feel like the white rabbit running around with a pocket watch being chased by some girl with an attitude problem, except then I take a step back and I feel more like the Cheshire cat sitting back seeing the silliness of the whole situation and laughing at both myself and the girl–I have decided to chalk it up to the changes that seem to be surrounding this new year (in a good way mind you).

But this is important:  I have been seeing way too many bunnies lately.  I know it is the season, but still this is more bunny sightings than last year.

bunnies take over

Side note: bunnies are known symbols for Imbolc, Ostara (Spring in general), as well as the god Hermes, the goddess Brighid, the archangel Raphael, and the list could really go on. You could also think of the John Cusak movie One Crazy Summer  with the sadistic cute and fuzzy bunnies that torment the narrator, or the cocaine inspired white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.  Bunnies can mean fertility, change, and well an assortment of things beyond being plain cute with their little white tails as they hop along.

It started about mid-January with a bunny greeting me as I left work (parking in the back lot by these trailers and a baseball field, so yeah bunnies). But it is just about daily. Then the one who has been saying hello to me in the morning as I leave for work as well–just a bit too synchronistic, but still kind of cool too.

Basically this is what I have been saying "hi" too more and more lately. Cute, love the tails.

Basically this is what I have been saying “hi” too more and more lately. Cute, love the tails.

Then there was yesterday, while waiting to take Nancy out to a belated birthday dinner I found myself pondering the idea of being open to inspiration at Barnes and Noble (with Moon Kats still on hiatus I have been frequenting my old haunt during the week on and off, and on a Saturday why not?). I usually put my headphones in and tune out the rest of the world, but this time something caught my attention.  The music. It was different. It was good.

It made me miss Katie, as I would have loved to have shared it with her.  A violin, high in the background with a different kind of beat behind it, a kind of techno.  It was here I discovered the dub-step violin technique of Lindsey Stirling. (She also has done cool nerdy things like the Halo theme, Zelda, Skyrim, etc. Judging by her dancing in the videos I would not be surprised if she were a trained dancer in her youth.)

Shortly after this, right on the sidewalk, on the other side of the glass door by the coffee stand–a bunny.  It looked at me, did the nose thing after we made sustained animal-human eye contact, and hopped along in the direction of the movie theater down the walkway.

Then while at dinner and Nancy and I were joking about our single-hood, and hoping we would not be found one day “half-eaten by wild dogs” (Bridget Jones reference) I noticed the artwork of the vegetarian restaurant–freaking bunnies. Those cute and fluffy bunnies were all over the walls of the place. Dancing, performing some kind of weird shaman rights leading the other animals (you would have to see this to get it…it is a hipster vegetarian restaurant and a good tempeh, so it fits with the place).

Okay, so not the rabbit focus, but there were other murals with these bunnies just ruling the hills and dancing, kid you not.

Okay, so not the rabbit focus, but there were other murals with these bunnies just ruling the hills and dancing, kid you not.

And today, on the way from Isis books to this Shakespeare competition–another bunny!  I get that it is spring, but c’mon…are the rabbits up to something? Should we be worried?  Are these cute and fluffy bunnies conspiring to take over the world by their sheer numbers…or their darn cuteness?  I do not know, but when thinking of Brighid, Hermes, and Raphael, it leads me to believe, whatever it is, there is something positive afoot.

Tim always knew...rabbits. From motifake.

Tim always knew…rabbits can be killers.
From motifake.

I have to preface this with noting that this week went better than the last, though very busy hence my truancy in posting on Mistress of Myth, and here…eventually I hope to catch up.  It has just been that hectic the close to time it gets.

An aside, and the reason for the title of this post:  ever wonder if you would survive I zombie apocalypse? I found myself involved in an in-depth discussion on that very topic. I pride myself on being able to concede my weaknesses and determined the odds were I would not survive one…yet, the discussion was still fun.

Now, take aside the whole is it moral to kill a zombie deal. I mean it could be argued that they are no longer human, then again it could be argued they are another “new” species and we would be committing a form of genocide (granted for the preservation of all other species). You really could go rounds with the ethical dilemma of it all and even touch on the idea of what makes one human or defined as an individual. What is identity then if the mind is no longer as it once was? Are you an individual still when the group mind-set you have succumbed to is “eat” and/or “brains?”

From weknowmemes.com. I always wondered about that...explains a lot.

From weknowmemes.com. I always wondered about that…explains a lot.

I digress.

The main discussion I was involved in dealt rather with what one should do to survive.  One person suggested the first thing you do is get all the guns and then the ammo. I pointed out the fact that eventually one would run out of ammo (unless you knew how to make it yourself, but even then with what facilities and tools, and time, would you have to feasibly do this without the constant barrage of zombie attacks?). Face it the manufacturers of ammo may have been the first to go, or take the ammo with them.

I theorized that a sword (light saber would be better but they do not exist yet in our world, nor do we know what their power source is) or perhaps a more distance-friendly weapons such as bow and arrow may be better. Arrows can be made quickly if needs be, and within a wooded area you would have a decent supply.  This would give you distance.

From weknowmemes.com . The man uses a crossbow and seems to do just fine.  Point made.

From weknowmemes.com . The man uses a crossbow and seems to do just fine. Point made.

If for any reason a bow and arrow just wouldn’t kill the zombies as well as you would like (you do have to be a good shot going for the head at all times and hoping your arrow has the right material and force to puncture the skull) perhaps a chain-saw would be better?  Then you run into the same fuel problem as in the ammo scenario.

All of this emphasis on defense and attack also does little to touch on the need to find a sustainable food and water supply.  Say that zombies cannot swim, you make it to some island…do we know if the fish have been contaminated? Does the island have crops?  Zombies of its own?  So hard to say. I would think an island within a lake may be a solution, but mayhap not a good one. Being in a landlocked state, maybe a high peak would be the way to go? I do not know on that one.

May need more room to grow food though...

May need more room to grow food though…

Then my friend Will and I discussed something that has also had me thinking: what is it that my readers like to read? After all maybe you are not all into conversations such as zombie survival, or my love of Fantasy and Science-Fiction, or philosophy?  His suggestion was simple: just ask what it is that people like to read about.

So why not? I found this function last week on WordPress—it is a contact form that sends me your thoughts directly. So feel free to tell me what it is that you would like to read about, or just say hello. :) Thanks.


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