Song Stuck in My Head

When I write I often have to put the earphones in and listen to music. Cancels out the chatter going on around me, and it gets me in the mood.

Sometimes I change the soundtrack, and sometimes the soundtrack just stays with me all day, but this song is an exception. It has stayed with me for about three weeks.  The rain we have had of late has suited the rather haunting mood of it as well.

From 2Cellos:


They are amazing. Two guys who play cellos (they also did Smooth Criminal, Where the Streets Have No Name, We Found Love, and well a great deal really).  What they can make come out of two cellos, sigh.  I think Katie would have liked it too.

Music is precious. It speaks to people sometimes more than words do…perhaps because in a way, like emotions, it too is ineffable?  I once read that people ranked music as the third most important possession. Then I thought it was strange to think that you can “possess” music. Certainly, we are spoiled with MP3 players, CDs, the radio, that music is just right there for us at all times. There was a time when you couldn’t bop around to your own mix tape, you were at the mercy of a  phonograph, or an orchestra. You may have the song in your head as a memory, but it isn’t the same as listening to it again and again at your own whim letting your mind drift on to other thoughts while the music plays on.

I think the people of the 1700′s would be floored to know that today a whole orchestra can be contained in one thin bit of metal.  I wonder if at times do we really appreciate these things?  Can you imagine: no radio, no iPod, and no CDs?  What would you do?  Whistle while you work maybe…but what about those of us who do not whistle?  Hum I suppose.

Perhaps there would be more composers?  More musicians?  After all, we would rely more upon one another for music and entertainment than we do now. I guess we can just look at history books for those answers. Many ladies were expected to know how to play some instrument or another, or sing.  (Well, the upper classes were expected to, the lower classes were expected to work.)

However, today with the cuts to the arts in education we do not have so many among us who could play an instrument per se.  So would we see a resurgence in funding the arts should all the iPods just stop working after some major solar flare?  (More likely there would be some apocalyptic uprising and music would be the least of our concerns, but back to topic.) Despite this, we really should have more of the arts in education as current studies have shown a positive correlation of higher achievement in mathematics when people also study music (bonus: listening to things like Mozart while studying is supposed to help too).

A bit of musing for you, more like rambling I guess.  Just a song stuck in my head.

To balance it though, I stumbled upon this yesterday. Catchy, and I love that Weird Al is back. This one may be the next song to get stuck in my head, though I think it is best when editing. :)

For my grammar loving friends (PS. please forgive the use of the word spastic as in the U.S. it means clumsy and has no negative connotation. Also, I make a lot of grammar mistakes. It is just fun.) Personally, I loved the innuendos. ;)

The Roundabout

Well, I am back…not that I went far for long. Again, just a tad hectic. Once again, unintentional. Oh well, maybe after this week it will settle just long enough…I am still catching up with blog reading, and Strawberryindigo, I had to unfollow and refollow again as yours was not in my feed. I have no clue what is up with that…modern technology?

I was lucky on the fourth and for the first time won a bit–having never had such a winning streak before it awesome! Martine and I just thought it was a shame they do not have those win a car slots (drawing only–where is the Starman fun in that?). We really go to play for the bonus games, so for us winning is really just a pleasant bonus and not the end all be all. At some point though I think we should just spa it up and get massages, why not?

Then there was Angus Mohr for Shelly’s big birthday up in Estes Park. It was as ever fantastic! Well, with such a great band how could it not be? And good company, Shelly danced I think the whole evening and Christine had me cracking up the entirety of the night, which is nice when you are the DD.


Myself, Shelly, and Christine, at the Angus Mohr concert in Estes.

Then my friend Karen came out for a visit. Always nice seeing her, and miss her already. She taught me new homeowner stuff like how to properly caulk and how to replace a showerhead. My shower is now more like being in the rain…sigh. Nice.

A few other things I learned: one, the movie theatre by my house is posh; and two, I like to put my makeup on naked. I know tmi, but I wonder if other women do this too? Seriously, am I alone in this?

So I could not do my usual routine entirely as I had company. Not that this was inconvenient or a bad thing but I noticed I felt off. Eventually, I figured out it was because the makeup routine was different. Here is my logic to why I put it on before dressing: without fail I will get a few drops of foundation on me…somewhere, any other body part it seems–a leg, the chest area, whatever. So I just started putting on on makeup before dressing. Now there is of course a trick you do not want makeup on the inside collar either. As I am busty most of my tops allow for v-neck or whatever so overall, not a problem. But I do wonder, am I alone in this? Is there some other trick I am not aware of?

Then there was the car. I was having issues with my old one that I tried to deal with…and then it came to that point, I had to cut losses. The timing is less than desirable, true, but somehow I managed it, and for that I am feeling somewhat proud of myself. So I am currently driving around a new car that has just now been mountain tested. Will and Tom had me up at their mountain home and that is always lovely.


Foxes are adorable. There were none up there but this reminded me of the weekend. Peaceful.

I know a lot of what I have been up to minus philosophy save my makeup conundrum which aside from other makeup wearing ladies, and maybe drag queens, no one else may care, but hey. If you do the same I guess take comfort you are not alone? Just an odd couple of weeks noting my quirks. We all have quirks, and I find mine at times make me tilt my head to the side and go, “Huh.” Not good or bad…but interesting of all the quirks to have.

Batteries Not Needed

Have you noticed that quite often the best things, or times, never involve batteries or electricity? My best alarm clock? My cats. Best day of last week? Drumming down Solstice. Best writing this week? Done with paper and pen. Best Zen spot today? Shaded bench by a tree outside Barnes and Noble.

The following will be very jumbled and random but hey, it is a start (I blame Mercury Retrograde though I know better–still a comfort in that phrase though, blame the retrograde).

The best wakeup call I had today was not my alarm, or the alarm on my phone, no the best alarm clocks were my cats, Nia and Aeryn (now you know the mystery–Nia is Welsh for beautiful and a character I am writing and Aeryn is from my favorite Scifi show, Farscape).


Aeryn, also known as the friendly one, and a bit of a thief. ;)

On vacation it is hard to get up when you have no set plans for the day. Well, that and I am getting the AC done in like a week so it has been hot during the day…oh who am I kidding? I am naturally a night person.

Back to the morning. My cats were relentless this morning, nipping me as a kitten would a mother cat but it did not work. Then they resorted to pawing at my face and my hair, all the while purring loudly right by my ear. They went off an hour before I had planned my actual alarm clock…so much for planning. Things have been going to plan overall, though slowly. It is almost as though I am living in slow motion…more on that later.

So before I get to Solstice–belated but the highlights from Comic Con, by the way awesome!! Bruce Campbell was as fabulous as the last time I saw him. Though it was a bunch of standing in line to get in, to get his autograph, and then to see his Q and A which we missed because we did not form up soon enough. It is okay, maybe another time.

Still the costumes were great and the general atmosphere was fun. Next time we will have a better idea on preparing and timing of things (I also need to work on being faster on the camera).


Respect to this gentleman who did a great job, and given the height had to be on stilts or something.

Now to Solstice. On Saturday a few of my friends convinced me to do something I have not done in quite awhile. I went to a drum circle. Now I know, bit of a hippie thing to do but I enjoy them (thanks to my Boulder friends now graduated and all over the place for exposing me to drum circles, bonfires, and so on). It was perfect, complete with cliff swallows hiding in the roof of the covered eating area at the park. I forgot how nice it is to go witht the flow of the music and I was reminded how I miss belly dancing. Good times.


The park where we drummed and danced the sun down. It was a good evening. :)

Then there was today, or more accurately Wednesday. Having a bit of issue with writing I was more productive with pen and paper than with my keyboard (obviously excluding this blog post written I on my phone). Earlier I had to meet up with a friend on the other side of town and regrettably we are becoming more like LA, when you have to plan your travel based on traffic (I will never forget listening to my sister and her husband plan and list off three different routes to just one location in case of traffic–it is like a whole sub-language of California). Rush hour is just insane here sometimes, so you will find that you are better off waiting it out before heading out.

Sometimes I wait and sometimes I say heck with it and deal with traffic. At the time it seemed a shame to be inside any more than necessary and that included being in the car. I was in the area, so why not? Barnes and Noble, but outside for the most part in the shade of an obliging tree. Sure it was hot, but in Colorado it is all about the sun when it comes to heat. In the shade you can be just fine, especially if there is a nice breeze. Once you are in the light though, yeah, you feel it. Hence in winter it is all about staying in the sun to warm up, in the shade your teeth will chatter.

I know a bunch of rambling…but that was my reflection of the day. Simply pleasant and no real need for batteries, except to blog of course.

Next up: when passing by the church of “The Living Water” I began to think about water and if it truly was alive? Scientifically and philosophically speaking (not metaphorically). After all microbes are in just about everything. Then there is the while human tendency to anthropomorphize just about everything…does water have feelings? Desires? Is it the most submissve of elements or quite contrary? Just now thinking of Bruce Lee, ” Be water my friend.”


From the Facebook Bruce Lee fan page. Love Bruce Lee. He is also one who says do not give up and difficulty as a part of growth--all round interesting warrior philosopher. :)

Today is an auspicious birthday for me…full moon, Friday the 13th, and it has been awesome! I realize I may overuse the word.

Tomorrow is Comic Con complete with Bruce Campbell,  Gigi Edgley, and many others…like a Star Trek Reunion! Yet, I confess that may be too packed for me to go see, but still it will be there! Most of the crew,  original and the next generation, will be there!

At Starfest, another Sci-fi convention more intimate than Comic Con I wager, there were many great costumes and this one struck me:


Eliza Doolittle from "My Fair Lady."

It is not what you would expect from a Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror/Steampunk sort of place,  but there she was, Eliza Doolittle from the racing scene.

Personally, I thought it was fabulous. I thought you all might get a kick out of the detail she put in this costume. Again, simply fabulous, and for those of us who liked the musical…ta da! Next challenge, try not to sing, “All I want is a room somewhere…”

Well, I have to get going, big day tomorrow.

Oh, the phone? I was out and about all day today, and I had a lot of people call to wish me happy birthday, more than I expected. It was like when you were little and it was your birthday, your family came in singing (sometimes with presents) and that was how your birthday started. My family sang to me throughout the day today and it was the perfect sense of love and nostalgia.

I do hope everyone has/had a wonderful day today. Just feel like spreading the love. ;)

Well, this has been hectic for a supposed “rest” time. Martine pointed out that I seem to function better when I have 50 things to do…unstructured time for me is not necessarily a good thing. Yet, things have been accomplished, granted slowly, but still some progress is better than stagnation.

There is a word for you: stagnation. I have been thinking of language and writing lately, given that I do write quite a bit professionally and for fun. Yet, it can be daunting too, especially when writing on this phone (though time efficient), darn typos. Fear can sometimes paralyze one into just such a state: stagnation.

It is irritating actually. As I have said, English majors are human too.


From Facebook's page, Grammarly.

Sometimes I wonder if fear holds me back when I write. Hell, I know it does, and I also know it does not always win either–my writing is proof of that. Yet, it can take me forever to start and sometimes it is for that lame of all lame reasons, what if I make a typo?

Then I thought of Buddha and Aristotle, who both note that some progress, no matter how slow is good. It makes me feel better to keep things in perspective when I criticize myself for being slow or when I have a writing set-back. Set-backs can happen, but again I remind myself keep going. Then I get caught up in philosophy and think of wu wei and the Tao, but again, even in the Tao action happens (some use it as an excuse to be inactive but in actuality the Tao advocates “natural” action not “forced” action–remaining stagnant and not growing is not a positive in Buddhist or Taoist philosophy). So then there I am sitting on a Zen pillow (a zafutan) thinking about thinking…

Overthinking me then alights on another truism–sometimes there is no such thing as “the right time” to do something. As both Hugh Laurie from House points out as have many of my older friends: there is no such thing as a good time to do some things (divorce, move, have a family, go back to school, etc.).


Hugh Laurie said it well...Carpe Diem. You might as well live in the moment.

And here I am overthinking when I know better. Where is the storyline going? How do I feel about this character? All those thoughts swirling in my head. Stephen King would smack me. Every other writing truth I know does–just write. I can fret about all the small things later…including worrying about grammar…and not getting caught up in silly distractions while researching, including Facebook.

How I wish I could delete my account as it is so easy to get caught up in all the hodge podge of cute, witty, and interesting…in reality, we do not live in Facebook. Life is here and now. The story needs to be told, dreamt, here and now, not in cyberspace. *Sigh* and I cannot delete it (side business and family) so I have to exercise self-control and not get sucked into it as much with my liking things so they keep showing in my newsfeed (in my defense most of it is nerd humor, news like a warp drive via NASA–they are working on it, facts and art ideas for the novel, and then family and friends). Yes, I am irritated with myself on that one, and a tad frustrated. As my friends will attest I am cute at such times, so at least I am adorable right now. :) As to my writing, Mr. King said it best so I will divulge no more at this time:


Or people :)

To write! Once more dear friends into the breech! (Shakespeare shout out.)

An aside I have to share though: Friday is a big day for me (aside from the whole Friday the 13th and a full moon–which will not happen again until 2049) and Saturday is Comic Con with Bruce Campbell! Woot! More on that later, and maybe other things too. ;)

Meantime grammar nerd humor from Grammarly on Facebook, a writing nerd site. Enjoy my writing friends!



I was slated to write this awhile ago…and then a bit of life happened–shockingly, but in a good way.  :)

I had another post too, but at this time it would be too much personal information. Then there was this draft from last week…and it could be argued my timing is terrible given world events, but it is not about that at all. This is something that we all deal with and I would like to look at it holistically, and maybe even see the lighter side of it.

We all deal with people, bottom line. Not everyone is on the same page as we are, bottom line. Not everyone wants to, or does, deal with reality, bottom line. Now, what do we do when we have to interact with such people? That is what makes us individuals.

First, here is the comical way of looking at it.

The following is a famous World of Warcraft moment (courtesy of a friend of mine for showing this gem to me)…when one member of the group was away from his keyboard while his comrades devised a plan of attack for the Dragon’s Den.  When he came back rather than checking in with anyone, he just went for it. The paladin (like a “tank” armored guy) of the group just goes in charging into the cave shouting his name…not looking at the reality of the situation (like retreating would be a good idea)…and well, a famous moment in gaming history.


Fortunately for all concerned, this is a video game and not reality. The level of detail and thinking that the other teammates go through (for a game) is just so involved contrasted with the actions of Leeroy Jenkins (the one guy who stormed into the cave).  He may not have thought his actions through, they may be frustrated with him, but in the end that is how it (and Life) goes. You can’t plan for everything, and even the best laid plans fall apart. Such is life.  All we can do is sit back and hopefully at least look at the humorous side of it…or at least have chicken.

Then there is the perhaps more serious side. You see the title and inspiration for this comes from my stepmother, Ella.

She has two favorite sayings:  “How is that working for you?” (used when you are doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result) and, “You can’t reason with crazy.” (A reminder that not everyone you deal with is tuned into reality, so why are you arguing with someone who will never see the truth anyway?)

Her sayings, though truisms, may be jarring for some; however, she does not mean it to be insulting. She is just a very practical salt-of-the-earth kind of person who can be blunt.

She explained that when it comes to learning, or helping others, sometimes all you can do is try to get the person to see reality for themselves by getting them to stop and self-reflect.  You can’t see reality for them.  When we find ourselves in a rut, often it is because we are all dealing with some degree of self-deception, or people with self-deception issues (if we are really unlucky flat-out liars).

Playwright Noel Coward...very good point, and somewhat sad.

Playwright Noel Coward. True it is discouraging but really it starts with how we deceive ourselves.  The little white lies we tell ourselves, like I will only have one coffee today…

After all, people can get caught up in loops, behavior patterns that are detrimental or stagnating by doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result (when really deep down we know better but change is hard).

Or the person is dealing with someone else who is just not in touch with reality because reality is not something that the other person is ready to deal with, or even wants to deal with, and the result is often similar–nothing productive at all, for either party.

Self-deception, self-delusion, is something we all engage in to some degree or another. Often we do this as we are gathering our strength, or confidence, or we just aren’t ready to deal with what we know is coming down the pike at that time. Sometimes it is that harmless “fake it until you feel it” which works for a time…unless you never feel it. The trick is do we eventually come out of that comfy fantasy-land with the confidence we need to face reality, or do we never let the truth in and remain stagnant?

I used to think that we owed it to the “Truth” to never waver in pointing out what reality is, to be honest no matter what, to never allow deception, even self-deception to pass…and now, I feel maybe my stepmother is right. Sometimes it may be best to smile and nod and let people think what they want (after all you can’t reason with crazy, so long as they are not violent about it, then that is another story altogether).

And...aliens!  I knew it! :)

And…aliens! I knew it! :)


Yet, we also do not always have to deal with the illusions of others either; we don’t have to go into the cave.

After all, in time reality will always come bulldozing through (or breathe fire all over you and your friends as you are surrounded by a ton of dragons who are pissed), and I myself would rather wait outside of the Dragon’s Den.  That is just how I prefer to handle reality–you know, face it as much as I can that day (with my second coffee as I do my best to be honest with myself).


game humor

It Just Happened

I have to preface this with: yes, even though I have more time this will be a short post.

It happened on the way to graduation actually. There were three of us in the car and the driver, Liam, was trying to see if he could disappoint Shelly with his music choice. Shelly is rather open-minded when it comes to music.

He surprised us all with the following song, which I feel I have to share as it was no doubt…epic.  I warn you if you do check this on your phone Youtube may not let you play it–I do not know why. It is just fine on many computers though.

It may either bring a smile to your face or make you cringe…either way, enjoy what was a most unexpected surprise:



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