On the first real day of the holiday, when you realize you have time, you begin either in a somewhat stupor floored to have the day off, or you become aware of all that you have neglected.

I became aware that I had to reinstall iTunes on my laptop. It had issues earlier and I had wanted to reclaim lost music in transferring to a new computer. Frustrating actually. I swear I just need to invest in the Cloud.


And thanks to the Cloud, u have not lost everything. There are still quite a few songs missing, but I am hoping that I can reload them from my hard drive library–I kept a backup of my own. We shall see if it held or not. One thing at a time.

Lovely at times.
Frustrating at times.

I guess this is me being productive for the day?

A New Way To Look At It

Nano Poblano, so far I have managed to post daily. Maybe not well all the time, but something.

Today I almost feel like tapping out. Holidays and what not. So it was that when I stumbled upon the following on Facebook, I felt a bit of a second wind coming…or woodwinds…or music…or a grin.

I learned to play the flute long ago in elementary school. Truthfully, it was because the girls I thought well of played it, and in retrospect I wished I had taken up the violin or cello (my favorite instruments). Still, that is what childhood is for: growing, learning, and exploring for our own selves.

Looking at the following memes though, it does make me wonder: how did we name these instruments in the first place?


So much cooler than "flute" per se.

Would you have been more down to play a screech plank than a violin?


Then of course there is some truth to the names.


I could see that.

And finally, the ultimate instrument:


My sister and a friend of mine played this beauty...ah sexy bendy whistle.

And if played correctly, yes, sexy…if not…Lord help all who hear the screeching and quacking.

I support this new labeling of instruments. I think kids and adults alike would get a kick out of it. After all, language was meant to evolve anyway. :)

An Interesting Theatre

In retrospect, an interesting time full of humor and good Sci-fi fun.

Shelly and I got to see The Last Starfighter at the Alamo Drafthouse last night and now I know why it was sold out, it was a Mile Hi Sci-fi showing in which two comedians heckle the show in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


We had gone in a true love of the film and to see it on the big screen. We had no idea it was going to be that kind of screening. Thankfully we both have a sense of humor and found it outstanding! If you cannot have fun with your self then what is the point?

Sure we love the movie, but we will also confess, yes, there are some cheesy moments. My favorite part was the reoccurring joke about the song “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the big red truck owned by the town playboy. The timing was classic. The only meh moments were the Ziodberg jokes.

It was also nice to hear some of my favorite lines such as when Alex protests, “I’m just a kid from a trailer park,” and Centauri played by the talented Robert Preston retorts, “If that’s what you think, then that is all you’ll ever be.” Also, it was great when the audience would laugh at moments without any help from the comedians, it was all originally intended from the director…well, okay some of us just were in that immature head space by then too–it certainly helped for a very entertaining evening.

We have decided that should they do this again for Krull, another Sci-fi cheesy classic we are ashamed to admit we like, we will try our best to be there. I know, we have nerd problems.

Other than that, this break is all work, writing, cleaning, playing pool, open mic night, pedicure, friends, and family. Packed already. Well, see how it goes with the darker side of fiction writing as that is the focus tomorrow.

An Evening Show

A long night, roads are iffy, so crashing at a friend’s home.

Oh well, in the meantime as to The Last Starfighter it was actually done Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. It was outstanding and Shelly and I laughed…so much.

More on that later, but for a laugh and smile and to spread good cheer…a bit of cute. 


The Space Between

This day…wow.

Jess gave me the night off so I could see The Last Starfighter on the big screen with Shelly. It was a friendship goal between Shelly and I to see it on the big screen and here we are.

Still leading up to today there has been a bit of negativity that I am trying to cleanse off of myself. I have noticed my ire getting up and well, that is not somewhere I want to be.

We are waiting for the ahow, a bit of down time, and what do writer friends do? Write. Likely this will be published after the show. Meantime I get to blog and then write.

Writing is an interesting world in which it is both empty and full, created and destroyed as authors tap away at key boards or scribble on paper…just all of the above.

Likewise thanks to friends I am making more progress on the novel having redone the outline. I find myself looking into a darker area I had not expected. It is almost like a self-discovery in which I am surprised at my desire to go to darker, more intimate places.

It could be my head space. Maybe even the maturity that comes with getting to know your own self and be true to you own self?

Either way, it is an unexpected experience. Rather than fight it, I am seeing where it goes for now. I am also aware that I value positive energy and there is nothing wrong with balance. Maybe this is the beginning of a balancing act?

A Rose by Any Other Name

I wish I could say that is is hard to believe, but frankly ignorance is too easy to believe.

My favorite bookstore that a friend of mine introduced me to was vandalized over the weekend. I knew because I saw it and asked another friend of mine who works there: why did that happen? She sighed and said something to the effect of, you know why.


Isis guarding the herb section of the store.

Isis Books has been in Denver since 1980. A metaphysical bookstore named after the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. The store is devoted to many spiritual paths such as: Christianity, Shamanism, Wicca, Hermetic pathworking, Druidism, Hinduism, Voodoo, Santeria, Buddhism, Quabala, etc. The range is vast, the books are interesting, and the place smells of incense (in a good way in case you wondered).

So here you have a bunch of peace loving inclusive people and what do they get? From what my friends have told me and from what I know, vandalism. Also, phone calls saying they should change the name of the store and then threats ranging from scary to farcical. All of this because people think they are affiliated with a terrorist organization. Ridiculous.

Nor was this the first bit of vandalism done to the store over the last two years. Several months ago someone threw hot pink paint at the store sign. Then there was the broken door. Now, after Paris, a broken sign coupled with more angry phone calls and threats.


Why? Because the media and world leaders keep using the name of a state which the terrorists are not. They are not a state. As I wrote earlier, the French are right, they are Daesh. We should be calling them that rather than empowering them in any way to think of themselves as a state. Using Daesh would also make it easier for those channel surfers who maybe only ever read headlines to not confuse stores, businesses, or even people, with terrorists. All this because they happen to have the same name the media and leaders repeatedly use.


Of course, it would also be nice if some people would actually remember history class and read, or even just be discerning when reading. Then this likely would never have been a problem. We covered ancient Egypt in 4th grade…granted I have no idea when it is taught now, but surely since mummies, history, and science are cool it is still taught in schools.

What bothers me most though is that it is hard enough to not be Christian in Colorado (admittedly it is only in some areas of the state that it is an issue, but recent political talk has made it more noticeable than usual), and now this attack on a place where those of alternative religions can go is vandalized compounds that feeling of hatred and isolation. It is not easy feeling such prejudice.


Well said, sir.

Jimmy Kimmel actually put a picture of this store and sign on his segment The Finger of Shame months ago, a well intended segment I grant, but comedy can be used both constructively and destructively. It is a fine balance. When my friend Meghan tried to call him out on Facebook for inciting hatred toward the store she was banned from his page…several months later now this.

I now feel she was right, he did know what he was doing. Now, I just wish I knew why? I remember the segment, sure there was a wine company and this store…and he took time to point out it was a bookstore. He laughed off that it was one of the few bookstores left. Maybe for comedy, but even in doing so the name was still a “shame” and the store along with it…we are all angry and need an outlet, sure, but was that really the best way to go about it? Reinforce the terror group connection with that name and now any who have that ancient name?

It would seem that would enflame the anger of people and direct it even more at anyone or thing with that name, and now it has. I would hope that in the future Mr. Kimmel is more aware and more cognizant of exactly how he uses his place in the national media when dealing with such emotionally charged situations.

People make a lot of mistakes when they are angry. The store owner even noted it. She was very compassionate and understood that this comes from a place of anger as we all feel right now, but I think she said it best, “I wish they could just educate themselves.” The story is here. I confess she has a much better voice than I.

I know this is just a blog in the ether of the Internet. I realize that I am not the first or the last to say this. I rejoice at the outpouring of love and compassion that has come to the store from the community in light of these events.

It is enough to give me some hope still for the future and humanity as does Waleed Aly, we need more of this.

Bit of Talk

Today, after the snow subsided and I was reminded of the humor that can be found in the film Office Space. It is a classic.

And yet, much like Clerks, we should remember not everyone works in an offic, or gets Black Friday off.

I came upon this for my friends working in retail and figured it is worth a share.


May the odds be ever in your favor.

There are some businesses, for once, that have decided to forgo even being open on what has historically been the biggest shopping day of the year.

I think this is outstanding! With the advent of shopping online, there is now less pressure for shoppers to have to be at a store in order to get a good deal. Ergo, in a somewhat human, and somewhat now no holiday pay issue can arise per se move (that and it is good publicity for the store) said stores are taking the day and they will instead be not open. I confess I wondered if the hourly workers who need the hours and money will still be compensated for what is a day off? Is it a forced day without pay? Or is it to make a store or chain seem more “human” and is truly altruistic?

There are no clear answers.

Now though, it seems that the response has also been an extended shopping season. Holiday shopping is no longer one day, rather it is a whole season. Does not seem to really say as much then about stores and humanity then when you look at it that way.

Sigh, as ever my friends, working on, or not working on Black Friday, during this season: May the odds be ever in you favor.


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