On the first real day of the holiday, when you realize you have time, you begin either in a somewhat stupor floored to have the day off, or you become aware of all that you have neglected.

I became aware that I had to reinstall iTunes on my laptop. It had issues earlier and I had wanted to reclaim lost music in transferring to a new computer. Frustrating actually. I swear I just need to invest in the Cloud.


And thanks to the Cloud, u have not lost everything. There are still quite a few songs missing, but I am hoping that I can reload them from my hard drive library–I kept a backup of my own. We shall see if it held or not. One thing at a time.

Lovely at times.
Frustrating at times.

I guess this is me being productive for the day?

A New Way To Look At It

Nano Poblano, so far I have managed to post daily. Maybe not well all the time, but something.

Today I almost feel like tapping out. Holidays and what not. So it was that when I stumbled upon the following on Facebook, I felt a bit of a second wind coming…or woodwinds…or music…or a grin.

I learned to play the flute long ago in elementary school. Truthfully, it was because the girls I thought well of played it, and in retrospect I wished I had taken up the violin or cello (my favorite instruments). Still, that is what childhood is for: growing, learning, and exploring for our own selves.

Looking at the following memes though, it does make me wonder: how did we name these instruments in the first place?


So much cooler than "flute" per se.

Would you have been more down to play a screech plank than a violin?


Then of course there is some truth to the names.


I could see that.

And finally, the ultimate instrument:


My sister and a friend of mine played this beauty...ah sexy bendy whistle.

And if played correctly, yes, sexy…if not…Lord help all who hear the screeching and quacking.

I support this new labeling of instruments. I think kids and adults alike would get a kick out of it. After all, language was meant to evolve anyway. 🙂

An Interesting Theatre

In retrospect, an interesting time full of humor and good Sci-fi fun.

Shelly and I got to see The Last Starfighter at the Alamo Drafthouse last night and now I know why it was sold out, it was a Mile Hi Sci-fi showing in which two comedians heckle the show in the style of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


We had gone in a true love of the film and to see it on the big screen. We had no idea it was going to be that kind of screening. Thankfully we both have a sense of humor and found it outstanding! If you cannot have fun with your self then what is the point?

Sure we love the movie, but we will also confess, yes, there are some cheesy moments. My favorite part was the reoccurring joke about the song “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the big red truck owned by the town playboy. The timing was classic. The only meh moments were the Ziodberg jokes.

It was also nice to hear some of my favorite lines such as when Alex protests, “I’m just a kid from a trailer park,” and Centauri played by the talented Robert Preston retorts, “If that’s what you think, then that is all you’ll ever be.” Also, it was great when the audience would laugh at moments without any help from the comedians, it was all originally intended from the director…well, okay some of us just were in that immature head space by then too–it certainly helped for a very entertaining evening.

We have decided that should they do this again for Krull, another Sci-fi cheesy classic we are ashamed to admit we like, we will try our best to be there. I know, we have nerd problems.

Other than that, this break is all work, writing, cleaning, playing pool, open mic night, pedicure, friends, and family. Packed already. Well, see how it goes with the darker side of fiction writing as that is the focus tomorrow.

Bit of Talk

Today, after the snow subsided and I was reminded of the humor that can be found in the film Office Space. It is a classic.

And yet, much like Clerks, we should remember not everyone works in an offic, or gets Black Friday off.

I came upon this for my friends working in retail and figured it is worth a share.


May the odds be ever in your favor.

There are some businesses, for once, that have decided to forgo even being open on what has historically been the biggest shopping day of the year.

I think this is outstanding! With the advent of shopping online, there is now less pressure for shoppers to have to be at a store in order to get a good deal. Ergo, in a somewhat human, and somewhat now no holiday pay issue can arise per se move (that and it is good publicity for the store) said stores are taking the day and they will instead be not open. I confess I wondered if the hourly workers who need the hours and money will still be compensated for what is a day off? Is it a forced day without pay? Or is it to make a store or chain seem more “human” and is truly altruistic?

There are no clear answers.

Now though, it seems that the response has also been an extended shopping season. Holiday shopping is no longer one day, rather it is a whole season. Does not seem to really say as much then about stores and humanity then when you look at it that way.

Sigh, as ever my friends, working on, or not working on Black Friday, during this season: May the odds be ever in you favor.


Well, after last night I am a bit tired and the following realization dawned on me: tomorrow is Monday.

There are many memes about Mondays and for me this is how I feel:


So, Firefly…thinking on Browncoats and witty writing.

So it is I leave this to some of my favorites while I continue to recollect myself for the coming onslaught of Monday work day and crazy hijinx.

Firefly will get me through, and maybe, dear reader, it can help you grin through it too.


Wash was hilarious.

Then there is this:


He knew how to cheer a girl up or make you crack a smile, and so did Mal and Inara, she is as feisty as the boys.


As to Jayne and Wash and their witty banter…well, Wash really out does himself.


Ah, Wash.

And one of my favorite retorts, which I need to hold back from using tomorrow when dealing with listening to adults and…well…I think we have all had this thought cross our minds once or twice especially when it comes to politics especially.


One of my favorite captains.

Well best wishes to all tomorrow. May the day be short, the coffee strong, and the roads safe for good traveling.


So, it tis that day when I am looking down at a book trying to figure out what next?

Everyone today had a bit of gloom at work…and the librarian and I could not place why. Life is rough sure, but we even felt it, the blues of sorts, and things are relatively okay for the both of us. We try to smile and be cheerful, as we know things are okau, so why the feelingnof bleh. So what is it? This shadow of negativity I could swear it was an astrological thing. The weather in not even that bad, the sun is shining, I am blaming some kind of planetary alignment.

We both felt that could explain it.

Moments like this levity helps me. So after the gym, it was Ferris Bueller who reminded me of the brevity of life.


And so stretch and pace, and look on the bright side of things. As to the feeling in general? Well, other than be positive, look forward to things I have coming up, really just go with the flow and know in time it shall pass.


I do not know why, but seeing that makes me smile, poor kitty. But I entirely empathize…darn spiders.

A Day of Reflection

So far that makes 11 days blogging straight…I am impressed with myself.

As today is Veteran’s Day, first a word on that to honor the fallen no matter the nation. This is what Shakespeare had to day on a similar note and for me this always reminds me of Veteran’s Day:


On the 11 day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, every gun fell silent to honor all those who served their countries.

Today is also the release of my grandfather’s biography that my aunt wrote. He was reported killed in action, captured as a POW by the Germans (he was of German decent so he was also killed for being a “traitor” as well). When he was freed by the Allies he worked on a now well known top secret project. I know it seems unbelievable, but it did happen. My aunt found photos, letter, two of his diaries, including a diary he had while imprisoned. He led an extraordinary life. If you are interested, it can be found here on Amazon listing.


My grandfather is in the center, 4th Infantry I believe it was.

To be honest I learned a lot I did not know that I did not know.

As ever I am grateful to Veterans for all that they sacrifice and do for all of us. Thanks to them I get to write, reflect, go out and about, you know, be free.

Other than that a day reflecting on storyline and an unexpected surprise, a coworker will be covering me and now I do get to see The Last Starfighter at the Alamo on Thursday. So it is I am reflecting on blessings, friends and family, and what not. Now that the snow has abated it is mostly melted. Another blessing and another reason I am grateful to live in Colorado.

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