And so…

Well, sorry about the delay in posting. A bit busy. That time of year, but so close to another break…woot!

A few things that floored me this weekend. One, went out with Mike and Martine and we decided Helga’s. After all my last visit was so great, why not? They must have changed out cooks because it was like…well…meh. I would dare say not great. The heck? New chef?


My feels afterward. I hope it was an off day.

Just when I think I found a good German restaurant…I am really hoping it was an off day. Mike ventured that when this kind of thing happens you have to give it two more goes before you write it off to be certain. We shall see. I am hopeful but will likely check out the Chinook Tavern and maybe even Golden Europe for comparison all the same.

So Martine cheered me up by the thing that floored me number two: proposing a new adventure–Grand Junction trip prior to the wine festival instead of during. I am actually excited by this proposal. We were planning to go to the wine fest in September, but as she pointed out: why wait? If we go earlier like May or June, heck even July, we are off festival time; therefore, we will have fewer crowds, still get to see the vineyards, get to hike the monument area with fewer people around no worries, and it will all likely be cheaper.


Last time in wine country, hibiscus in champagne.

I confess it did cheer me. Hiking and wine country…how could that not perk someone up?

Wish I had more to say other than the weather is turning and now in to gardening. The spiders in the back yard and I shall have to revisit our agreement…hopefully the big one by the hose will chill enough for me to reattach the sprinkler. Garden planning is more fun than I expected.

As noted in the tags, humor.


I will never see Winnie the Pooh in the same light...

In case you need a laugh this guy over at YouTube has a hilarious channel. My latest favorite is this one: How to Become Gluten Intolerant.

I tried to embed it but well, the link will have to do. Enjoy :)

Ah, his sarcasm…it just speaks to me. :)


A Little Punny

Getting back in the swing of things can be a little tricky, but so far I am managing. Though sleep is being elusive again. I am wondering if activities of late is a part of that or just the temperature variance? Meh.

Spent a lot of time catching up with friends which was nice, and a trek to Moon Kats, it had been too long. The time with friends though, wickedly good fun. I thank you all. :)

As April Fool’s Day is a day for humor, the unusual, and a day sacred to the goddess Aphrodite (it is either the first or the fourth or both? Anyway, there is also a full moon and an eclipse on a Friday too so woot for celestial happenings as well! ).

So, who knew? A day of mischief is also a day of love (and sex to be sure). Though in fairness, we only prank those we love…or at least have witty wordplay. (Has to be someone you care about, otherwise why go through the trouble and let us face it, they also often forgive us for said pranks.)


My friend and I, when exploring, we found Gelantinous Mutant Coconut...still trying to figure out how it is "mutant"...GMO? This is a real thing. Just fyi.

Yes, this is a real thing…and no, we have no clue why one would have a need for gelatinous mutant coconut…but hey, better than viscous mutant coconut I suppose?

Words have been fascinating to me more so than usual lately. Perhaps prompted by the season, my friend Shelly and I mused on why would they named a gas station chain Kum and Go? (Yes, this really is a chain of gas stations, no kidding). One letter away from inappropriate per slang terminology, and then we discussed spelling entirely for said word…if you are more proper not even close…which then led to word choice moments.

We mused then “where” are you going? Why is it a destination and not a state of being? If it is also “the little death” is that why said verb is used? Why call it a state of being like ekstasis (Greek) instead? A bit more of a happy word and reminds me of dancing which I find again more accurate than a one way run like in a distance race.

Ekstasis dancing has rhythm, and coordination, beyond a feeling of joy, almost akin to touching divinity…so much more than another way of saying it–a similar way of saying you could be going to the store to get pizza. I mean I guess pizza is good but not when compared to a smorgasbord of feeling like a fondue party with a good partner who knows how to make a good layout for fondue. Okay, though, I guess I could allow for an excellent pizza…not Little Cesar’s though (there is a line).

And then to have fun with April 1st I have found the following amusing to share. Have a good laugh, wink, or nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more ;)


From FB Innocence Lost. Rebellion Found




From A Daily Pick Up Line on Tumblr, but found on FB.

And two final thoughts to get you through the rest of the week:


From memegenerator.


It may seem harsh, but whenever I see this it reminds me to enjoy life, have fun, and loosen up. :)

“And if we shadows have offended,
Think but this and all is mended:
That you have but slumber’d here,
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream.
Gentles, do not reprehend:
If you pardon, we will mend.”
Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by, Shakespeare

Ah, Spring

The first day of Spring and I toiled, meditated, and then laughed with friends.


I confess, I began with a great deal of work. I worked late so I could fully enjoy the evening as it is a special one, and more importantly so I could enjoy a whole week entirely off. No work nonsense per se, just personal work like novel writing, Crossfit, and cleaning (why is it that as I age I look forward to a deep cleaning of the house…do guys get this seasonal cleaning kick too, or is it a girl thing?)

Anyway, it is late and other than a bit of meditating before hand, I wandered a bit and found these memes. Apparently, during March Madness, you can find many a meme or joke this time of year. Why? No clue. Maybe it is kind of like my cleaning kick. A seasonal jolt or urge of sorts.


Also noted my increased love of innuendos this time of year. Have to keep the wit sharp and why not with corny one-liners?


Classic Rocky Horror...a great line that is all about the delivery. :)

It really started with a bit of bopping around Facebook, also a bit of a time suck that I hope to disconnect from over the week. Instead, other than a party, some hiking and writing, aforementioned cleaning, I am hoping to also get a costume in order for Starfest.

I am vacillating between Aeryn Sun’s (Farscape) basic black (issue is the pulse pistol, those are hard to find) or Ohura (Star Trek) red mini of awesome. Leaning to Ohura given the beginning of the year. Or I could go blue and go Vulcan.

But as a friend noted if I go Vulcan I have to dye my hair as Vulcans all have dark hair. She is a purist when it comes to costumes (follows the book and her costumes are outstanding). Other than that she warned me to watch which Klingnon clan I drink with as they will so cut me out/off if I flit from rival clan to rival clan…

Maybe I should just hang with Romulans?


In the meantime, I guess if I hang on the net the memes will just keep coming…marching in time to the basketball’s dribble, propagating like bunnies…Spring really does have a lot of sexual references.

Even in the Renaissance, it was the thing. “To My Coy Mistress” or “To the Virgins, To Make Much of Time”…one of favorites is Donne’s “The Flea”. Ah, men. Making poetic and well reasoned arguments to convince women to get it on, and women shutting them down (See “The Nymph’s Reply”) until they find the one they love….or one who outwits them…I suppose that also works?

Some things I suppose are universal. I leave with a blurb from Vulcan Pick-Up Lines:
“I admire your taste in footwear. Would you like to mate?”



Empire and Mohr

I know, once again, it has been awhile. Apologies, just as ever busy before break…one more week, just have one more week…

That is one of the perks of my current work situation: we get more holidays than most, but I assure you the “on time” balances that…a lot.

Yet, a friend and I were discussing, during an odd schedule we have lately, The Empire Strikes Back and philosophy. It is one of my favorites as it has the infamous, “I love you,” and, “I know” lines. Of the whole series it has the most depth if you think about it.


You have the insight into the Jedi’s philosophy through Yoda, Luke’s struggle with fear and loss, Han’s emotional conflict with leaving Leia, Leia’s conflict with her feelings for both Han and Luke, Lando’s divided loyalty to the people he protects and his friend…it seriously almost covers the whole gamut of life.

And how to never piss off your boss. Well, at least most of us do not have bosses who will force choke you if you mess up…I would hope.


Also, I had a lovely St. Patricks’ s day with my friends Christine and Shelly at the Angus Mohr concert at Little Bear–a mountain biker bar, long story but actually quite normal now as the area may be mountainous but it is now almost an extension of suburbia in the mountains (yes, I have mixed feelings on that too). Sadly, no bikers there save a few, but many Celtic enthusiasts complete with kilts. Nothing quite like hearing “Rebel Yell” on the bagpipes. That and the bras hanging from the stage at the bar. I kid you not, bras dangling over the stage.

The bras made it all the more perfect, though a late evening concert. I may post a video later of their sound as my phone refused to record.


Truthfully this is from their page, the lighting at Little Bear was dark. Also there is a new guitarist. It was a great show though. Highly recommend giving them a listen.

I hope everyone had an epic Pi day as well.

Now other than break, all I can think of is what costume should I try for Starfest this April. Yes, I am going again, and this time I even have a room at the hotel. Klingon blood wine and Romulain ale! Maybe even game in the evening! Heck just nerd out! Woot! But what to wear? Several friends that I have who will be there are actually going to dress up. This would be a first all round for me and I would hate to not have a costume.

Nerd problems I will deal with later. Meantime, back to typing a philosophy and Star Wars panel discussion. These are the days I enjoy what I do.


I know I surprised myself on that one.


Myself and Kwan Yin...my friends joked I looked like a tour guide.

A special day in which to ponder…sex.

**Disclaimer and notice: before continuing, if you are easily offended, do not like the topic, or are too conservative, or not 18 or over, please feel free to refrain from continuing to read.**

It began with a discussion with friends about life, death, current events, philosophy, and back to life affirming things, in this case sex. As it is still a special day, why not share a bit of humor or thoughts as a treat then?


Really though this is more of a blast on Fifty Shades of Grey. If you are a fan of the book, or movie, nothing personal but feel free to skip over this and we shall never speak of it again.

Here is the thing. First, it started as a fan fiction spin off Twilight, a novel for teens and vampire lovers (actually we have to end that digression right there, it would be a whole other post on how sparkly vampires are just the undead I cannot take seriously and writing that honestly reminded me of maybe, maybe, freshmen year of college at best). So naturally what we are left with is the kind of writitng that…well…I know there are some women who got hot and bothered with it, but having read a page I could not go on. I slammed the cover and shook my head, this sold well. There is simply better smut out there.

There is just so much better smut if you are going to read it. Did you know someone wrote an erotica fan fiction of Pride and Prejudice? I grant you, you will be inclined to laugh in parts, but after the giggles subside (the whole Bingley episode though plausible did make me laugh a bit more than it should have), it got rather naughty, and no, not like:


Although I can see how this might be a turn on.

That Pride and Prejudice fan fiction was better than Fifty Shades. It did get, well, fiery in a good way, and it was much better written.

Now the whole premise of Fifty Shades being some kind of breakthrough, the first of its kind, is also erroneous. The film The Secretary came out before and was much better. It even offered the humorous side to the world of BDSM. Above all, having spoken to many in that community, it at least got a few basics right that Fifty Shades
did not. The bigger issue seems to be what kind of consent was there?

The main character, the female lead, is from what I gather in editorials, gets caught up in a non-emotional relationship (the guy explains he is just incapable) and has no real background in BDSM. So she is just coaxed into trying it and is given a large legal “contract” with, I likewise gather, little discussion. She is left to make sense of the boundaries on her own (who really reads the terms and conditions? ). I guess those good housekeeping issues were just not “romantic” enough? Was it too practical for Hollywood, or did they not consult someone from the community? I mean I guess some felt it may “take away from the moment” but it is necessary for “a moment” happen. So is the emotional intimacy aslo needed if this is a “relationship”, even in BDSM.


From what I have been told, and read in the following reviews, such open and honest discussions have to happen to keep everyone on the same page, safe, and thereby trust is established. Also, if there is no emotional intimacy the whole thing just went from kinky to abusive in a snap of the fingers.

If someone wants to smack your bum, and you let them, and the whole time you are thinking kinky and they are thinking all women/men should be punished for hurting them…those smacks are becoming less loving and will sour the whole scene. For both parties. Ergo it is recommended, if that is an issue said person is better seeing a professional counselor before doing that sort of kink. Best for all involved, you know logical. How can you be vulnerable with someone if now you cannot trust them? How can you enjoy the moment if you are worried they are in a different space than you?

It also works both ways. Suppose the one delivering the whacks is totally okay mentally, emotionally, etc. and instead it is the sub who has the hangups? What if the person is having a total inner breakdown going back to some past trauma…and they never spoke of it to the dom? Now there they are no longer aroused and just sitting there weeping profusely. That is why those conversations and disclosure issues are up-front.

Also I gather the wrong ropes were used at times etc. Surely, they could have hired a professional consultant?

Though in the main character’s defense he has an outstanding dungeon/playroom…but who wouldn’t if they were a millionaire? He would put Batman to shame…well, maybe not that far. I have faith Bruce Wayne could get a respectable playroom with adult toys if he wanted…but why would he? After all he is Batman.

You don’t have to be rich to be a good dom, another issue we all discussed at length. It almost made the film seem more like Taken but without drugging the girl.

Here is an example of what I found if you wanted to know more:
Huffington Post Dominatrix take on Fifty Shades
This is more about the book itself
From the Daily Beast another not happy dominatrix

There are of course those that felt it was at least nice that the BDSM community was being looked at as being more societally acceptable, and those who decried and said no, this is making it worse. In the end though, only time will tell.


Maybe not quite the role playing they had in mind...

This novel and this film has made millions. Bad writing and stereotypes aside, it sold and it sold well. Imagine if it were well done, it may have been something we would laud instead of criticize. Still it made me think of two things.

First: It made me once again rally for just better writing.
After all:


Second: If all of this was too serious, or you cannot see the humorous side of sex at all, maybe this will help you loosen up a bit:


Now About That…

I realize a bit of posting today…but there was cause. Friday threw me a bit and now here we are and I also had this on my mind.

Brief but my thoughts.


Somewhere out there, a social anthropologist is having a field day. Never mind war, grief, starvation…oh no. Pause all of humanity, as we do not all see the same way…literally and for reasons of evolution.

Anyone who works with witnesses, or psychology, will look at you and say something mire professional than what I have, which is, “Duh.”

Here is a more put together look at it. Great information and perspective. Amber’s thoughts

True, perception is a highly unique experience, and as such no two people see things the same way. The only issue is when we get to defining reality…that would be a whole other post. I refuse to accept reality as purely based upon perception as if that were true, were I to then tricky myself into perceiving that I am a millionaire then I would be…wait for it…maybe a little longer…what? That didn’t work? Aw, Reality, though art a harsh mistress.

Yet, peope were losing their minds online. Family rifts were created and mended. Friends for decades are no longer on speaking terms all because of the colors of a dress.

You know, aside from a few happy doctoral candidates who now have topics, and data, to write about as they hope to earn a PhD, the breadth of the Internet was likewise clogged with uproar, apathy, and humor. God bless Photoshop.


I am just sitting back and wondering if at moments like this, is the Internet a blessing or a curse? One thing is for certain, as a world we are now much more connected. The miracle of the Internet.


A Moment of Silence

Today many in the nerd community, specifically the Trek community, will be observing a moment of silence for the passing of Leonard Nimoy today as he is laid to his final rest.


I have many friends who are among the communities, myself included. Many have spoken about this great man, and have put together their words so much better than I can muster on the subject. The New York Times had a great piece trying to encapsulate his legacy.New York Times article.

He was more than Spock. He was a mentor, a philosopher, a leader, an artist, a singer, and above all I admire the man for his compassion and his humor, and above even this his humanity.

His thoughts always remind me of finding center, even in a turbulent time.


It must also be noted he was not only Zen, logical, he was also cool.


Like many I feel this way as well:


May he be at peace in a garden that is like no garden any among the living have seen. A place so serene and sacred the poets find themselves at a loss for words and blush in frustration at language’s limitations.



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