Signing Off

Hello Blogworld,

It would appear that I have gotten a bit of unwanted attention. I knew it was a possibility, almost a certainty, being a lady and all…but really it just expedited something on my mind. I have not been able to keep up with novel writing, work, relationships (friends, boyfriend, family, etc.) and blog.

I have therefore cleaned up my blog presence a bit, and in time, likely I will close it all down. I will miss you guys. Β It has been a great community and sanctuary. Β I doubt there is ever such a thing as a good time to say goodbye.

Likely when I return my slate will be a clean one, and I may even have a different name. Β In the meantime, I wish you all the very best of all things.

For now,

Signing off,


Just a Hello

It has been awhile, especially by my standard. 

I was in Seattle for a family reunio, and now I am back. My nephews are adorable, but parents have nixed public sharing at this time. 

It was a good time. Fireworks amd all…and having only some of the family there helped as on my father’s side I am one of 32 cousins. It helps that on my mother’s side we are the only children thus we have a glimpse of both kinds of families. 

In the meantime, I am also in love. Never thought it would happen again to be honest, and it feels like a bit of training wheels for me now and then. Being with a gentleman, is something I have had little experience with and I have to say it is nice. 

Due to that though even though we get along without even trying, and I feel comfortable at times now and then I also feel awkward. It is like I am getting used to being treated well. Kind of sad in a way in that it has taken that long for me to be with someone who does that for me but it is an honest moment of reflection. 
So naturally I am happy and scared as my defense walls tumble down. I would say more but I respect the gentleman’s privacy, and he is a private person. 

Amazon Prime has a lot of cool selections too, such as Vikings. We cuddle a lot and I love it.πŸ™‚

As to the writing, I am almost done with one side project and making headway on another. The day job will be starting up soon, and I am wondering what to do with blogging. It is almost nose to the grindstone time, but I miss my blog friends too. Hard to say, but know that I think of you guys and hope you are all well. 

So, in an effort to somewhat catch up, with blogging at least, I give you another installment of the Sci-fi event I have gone to quite a bit with my friends: Starfest.


Mario Brothers, the princesses of the game cosplay

Now, granted I have still been catching up it work, and still am, and cleaning (ever get so busy you have to prioritize things and cleaning takes a back seat but it is really bugging you even though it is not that bad since you are generally a clean person, but still it bugs you for that very reason? So now rather than grade you cannot function in your home until you mop, hence grading at Starbucks?). Anyway, I am getting by with half of what I need done so far and counting. So close.

Prior to Starfest I was a delegate for my precinct at the county’s assembly. (Democrat in case you wondered). Even giving up half of Saturday I then fins out there was yet another assembly or convention we had to elect people for to represent us again…does this ever end? I swear it is the most bureaucratic mess. With modern technology we can totally hammer this out faster and more efficiently. On the upside the speeches and meeting the candidates for all of the local elections was a learning experience. My takeaway is we need to pay more attention to these local offices and elections as it impacts us way more on a day to day…and no offense but from what I gather there are some extremist Republicans who are frankly making the rest of their party look beyond bad. Even at the local level.

Great speakers, nice people, and informative.

Starfest though. Okay so it had to move this year to a new location and got a tad more expensive to attend, but the guests are great too so worth it. Michael Dorn was there and Nana Visitor and Jamie Murray, the list goes on. Naturally to follow suit Comic Con has a beyond stellar list of celebs as well, and just remembering the madness I kind of want to go and I kind of want to pass. Still, writing is more important and the writing panel I did get to attend on Saturday was worthwhile. Woot!


Ursula cosplay.

I cannot wait for it to go back to the other hotel in the DTC, but now my friends, who make the con even more fun (okay, truthfully they make the con to my mind), are saying if it is in April again they may have another con they have to attend…so crossing fingers that does not happen. We shall see. For them it would be a work related thing, so if there is a conflict next year, hands are tied for sure. Still, this was a great day and evening. Best part, burly men doing the Macarena at the Admiral’s Ball. Sad part, missing Irish festivities downtown but there should be some next weekend.


Right before the Macarena. It was early later on this floor was packed!

Or I heard sleeping was good. I also totally heard that somewhere people do this thing called chilling out. Maybe even meditating. It is supposed to be really good for you. Knowing me, my body will just hit me with something and lay me out for a bit. That is generally how it handles my intense work and play periods. I am really doing my best to avoid that. Vitamin C it is for the rest of the week.

The Day After

I am about one day off of my longest I like to allow for non-blogging, apologies. I did not even have time until now to catch up with the blogging world…cannot recall the last time life was that hectic. Sigh.

So looking on the bright side, the show I was assisting with is done, and now just regular work…well and much to do there too but meantime, meh?

Ever get to the point when you realize as a human, adult in particular, you have limitations as to time, attention, and energy? Well, that would be myself today. I cannot go into details but it was a “wow” sort of evening. Wish I could disclose, but all is well so no worries, but wow.

That and lately I am missing friends who have passed. I have been reminded of them more as I have heard many an Irish accent and heard of local musicians more so of late. I do not know why, but it is coming up a bit to be what I consider a time then to pause, reflect, and think positive thoughts their way. So now I find myself going with the flow, as it is all you can do sometimes.

I also recalled humor and the cheery phrase I often have used with my friends when they are feeling meh themselves.

Always look on the bright side.



Weather predictions lean to this for the upcoming week. Only in Colorado.πŸ™‚

So we shall see. As I find the bright side through the hectic I am looking forward to a local band on Saturday, so I have that going for me.


I swear I do not get man buns either. C'mon guys.

I like a well groomed beard, but the key phrase is groomed and not wild…and no, I do not get man buns. I do not know what the next male facial/hair fashion will be, but I look forward to a change. Hipsters. Pretty sure she would be smirlking and tsking with me on this one…maybe…at the least a laugh would have been had. Dorian would have likewise had a thing or two to say about it along with his booming bellow of jolly. I intend to therefore embrace the gift given and enjoy life as silly as it can be at times. Sometimes I feel levity is necessary.

So it is that when I think on the upcoming weather, men with out of control beards, I think of the winds of change and Monty Python and I hum…always look on the bright side of life…Tra la, Tra la la la la…(you know the tune).πŸ™‚

A Way To Look At It

So, I seem to be gifted with a lot of work, social outings, and getting myself into the occasional pickle as I am too nice.

Yes, being nice and polite at times leads to interesting situations. I will leave it at that. I also realize were I more assertive it would likely not be an issue at all.

So pondering how to tell someone politely but firmly, thanks but no thanks, I reflected on the holiday coming up…not the Superbowl dear lord, I hear it everywhere. It is hard to not be into football and live where I do. Do not get me wrong, it is lovely and entertaining but it is all anyone can talk about and it gets tedious.

So I was reminded of Valentine’s Day coming up…the day after being 1/2 off all chocolate day. Now that is a holiday…and I am eating better so of little use to me. Meh.

I found this meme or clip from Ghostbusters 2:


His reaction is as ever, priceless.

So my thinking is we should all just keep it in perspective. Live every day to the fullest and maybe if you have a desire for chocolate just go for it here and there mind you. If the world does not end and you have gorged yourself on chocolate, well that is no good either. Moderation is a beautiful thing.

Another way to look at it, sad thought too, how many couples are just going through the day and waiting to break up after the holiday just so they were not without a date for Valentine’s day? Sad thought. It does happen, along with after New Year’s, hence Jan 6th is one of the biggest divorce days.


Well, embrace the single freedom if that is where you find yourself, or preemptively if you were already there to start, and just think if this prediction was right then, “meh” anyway.

To reflect while we are on this orb whining about in the galaxy:


Wise man. Do what makes you happy. You should do that anyway, and if you are lucky to find, or have, a partner in crime a companion, then good for you. But either way be true to yourself and the rest will, as it always does, fall into place. Maybe the right person is going through their own crap too and they will cross your path when they are in a better space as well. Sometimes life just works like that. Meantime, you deserve to be happy now, so go for it. Of course for some that means getting out there and dating, if that is the case enjoy. Meeting people can be entertaining if nothing else, if nothing else you get funny stories to tell your friends later. Life is too short and depression lies.

Then there is this:


A lady at work made this observation to me once. I reflected on those unhappy yet paired and then thought, yeah, I like where I am.

For a bit of levity to your day:


Preach little bird, preach. Pity I cannot go for the smoking bit, but yes, relaxation and a beach. Sounds good to me.πŸ™‚

This Last Week…Seriously

The only good thing about it so far has to be that it had a good friend’s birthday in it.

Actually, good friends has been the only redeeming part of this last week.

It has been that hectic I have even not had time to read much. It was nice catching up with you all.

I know we all handle things differently, but I wanted to share what found all the same as it spoke to me. They have touched the lives of many.


For me, David Bowie was the Goblin King and first crush. Also loved his music of course, but he was Jaret to my mind for so long. As I got older I appreciated him even more.

David Bowie…so much to say. I highly recommend the last video he shot, Lazarus (link to Lazarus here) from his Blackstar album if you are up to it. I had no idea prior to this that he also played saxophone and wonder if that was himself or another artist. Either way between that and the Within you (link to Labyrinth goodness of Goblin King) from Labyrinth or The Underground. Oh heck just about anything really. We all have our favorite songs.


And of course, Alan Rickman. He was a good man and a great actor. Source found on Facebook Fantasy and Sci-fi Rock My World, from Intergalactic Geek Alliance.

The most touching has been the tributes from friends and those who knew him to be kind, generous, and how he always made time for people as well as having fun on the set. (link to video about prank on the set). It is just good seeing him laugh so good naturedly.

I swear, it is like one after another…crazy start to a year. There is no blame, it just is. Makes me wonder if as going by Taoist thought a sense of balance the rest of the year will be more awesome? Maybe we find a cure for a kind of cancer? I am trying to look at a bright side. Either way, cancer just sucks. Always has.

Other than that, I had more to say but really I guess I am more at a loss for words than I expected.

Thank you my friends for being there. I hope you are all well. Now to work tomorrow…joy.

Yet, this gave me hope that it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Thank you both, Mr. Rickman and Mr. Bowie.


It is way small...sorry...also it was done for his birthday. Still a powerful message to persevere and follow one's dreams. From Themetapicture.com.

The Ties That Bind

Being a woman in today’s world may not be as difficult as it was in the past, but there are still times we are reminded that we still coming out of an age of inequality. There is a gap in pay still, expectations on either end…it is frustrating if you think about it.

Pursue a career, you sacrifice family, dedicate yourself to a family, you are giving up freedoms that were fought for, where is the “you”? It is exhausting. No matter which way you go one side will not approve.


My hero. I love her sass!πŸ™‚

Screw that. The middle exists. I have seen women do it; it is possible though difficult. And why are we judging one another so much in the first place? I mean I know I can probably look back and it goes all the way back to antiquity, women nitpicking other women for just about anything. Seriously.

All this rabble rousing on breast feeding in public too. Some just want to shock, others have a point, and I am sitting back stroking my chin wondering of this is yet another distraction from bigger issues like paid family leave in the U.S.? I have a bit of a conspiracy streak and that argument seems like a lame, “look over here” so we do not see what is going on over there sort of distraction.

Then I thought about my mother and what she had to go through. How far she had come and how the world changed in her time. How she helped pave a way for me as other women have before her. I wanted, and still do, to make her proud to do more than she had. To continue paving a way of sorts, maybe through words or art. Maybe another brick in the wall, but a colorful one if I have anything to say about it.

And then I thought on mothers in general how they all love, nurture, teach their children, and from there my mind wandered to those who have lost their mothers. I was reminded again this last year what a hard road that is when a friend of mine lost her mother in July.

A sadness swept over me there thinking of those who have passed and those left behind. How could it not? And yet, even with the sorrow there they all are, the mothers who came before us, in our words, in our thoughts, in how we laugh or smile, in what we value, in how we see.

The idea stuck with me, especially once I read how there is some evidence scientists have found that suggests our ancestors’ experiences are a part of our DNA, almost like an emotional genetic imprint passed down throughout the generations. Therefore, so much more are our mothers still with us…more than genetically, emotionally and energetically. Maybe I am making a leap in reasoning, but it seems to fit to my mind. Like how you can still feel them and know they are smiling with you even though you cannot tangibly see them there.

It also reminded me of the 2 Cellos version of “Hurt” click here for YouTube video of Hurt by 2 Cellos how the music, though pained, keeps going on and sad as it is, beautiful, vulnerable, and ultimately triumphant.

Then as my mind wandered through social sciences and science, I reflected on how the Vikings were already all over this concept way back in the day.

As quoted from The 13th Warrior, and I believe it to be a Viking saying as well, “Lo there do I see my father; Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers; Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me…”

It is an interesting concept. I wonder about all of the mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and so on and on, watching over children, grandchildren, descendents, and how we muddle through this world carrying with us their love, hopes, and good intentions. Another saying came to mind, “we are the result of the love of thousands.”

Naturally, I hope we are making them all proud, but even I know really a mother just wants her child to be happy. At the end of the day, that is what is important.

To that end I hope we are all successful. Life is not so much a competition as a training ground, and training to be happy is oddly one of the most difficult things a human can do. Cheers, lovely ladies.

Ps. Fellas, sorry for leaving you out of this one, but it was a girl thing…duh.


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