My fourth was decent, just as an aside. I just wish that my neighborhood would not celebrate with loud, fairly illegal fireworks until the wee hours. But whatever, it is freedom.


I do not know why but I love this meme. America rocks! Sorry, Engand, I do feel ya, but this is for the best. :)

Was out with my family and we had a great lunch. A bit odd in that we were discussing the candidates for president: Bush, Clinton, and Sanders…naturally, politics is a touchy topic, but my family and I are Independents so that kind of makes it a bit more open of a conversation…well, sort of. To be honest, we think we most politicians are bought and paid for and generally just want the status quo and their own job security. Really wish for some kind of election reform or third party, anything that would be less corrupt. Meh. I feel like John Lennon sometimes, “You say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one…” Unfortunately, I am also getting jaded and cynical as I get older. Electorial lottery, it should be a thing. Seriously.

Meantime, there was a great dress and viola. I am good for the rest of summer and will to try not think about politics for at least a little while longer. Twill only upset me for now.


It is a great dress for summer, builtin bra, and in the summer you ladies know that can be awesome. :)

A Grand Day Out

Well, a lot has been happening. My friend Kami also noted, hey, write more, blog more…remember your goals…so I am going to try to step it up, but first processing a bit of life (another recommendation).

Anyway, Grand Junction was fantastic! Long overdue shout out to my friend Martine for a fabulous weekend and birthday surprise.

The National Monument was just beyond words for natural beauty. We are thinking of heading back as we did not get to hit the Grand Mesa and a few hikes around the monument.


One of many outstanding views...we determined along with these formations there was a rather phallic one hidden the Park's Service refused to name...ahem.

Vineyards were excellent and very laid back which was nice. The orchards were not yet full of peaches yet, August, and we were a smidgen too early for touring the lavendar fields. Extreme lavendar, they have a festival in June. Wonder what it is like and hope it is not an insane Bath and Body Works soiree with too obnoxiously scented lotion (one whiff and you can’t smell anything else for a day, like your burned your nose hairs with scents)? Tastefully scented would be nice…I know I digress from wine.


When there the first vineyard we had the assistant vintner who taught us so much more about wine that I did not know.. and it was good. He had a right to brag. There is a difference in how one should drink red vs white wine. Did not know that. Also, the pairings of cinnamon almonds with Chardonnay was perfect (at some point I will recall the vineyard’ s name). I generally prefer reds and do not like Chardonnay at all but this was like having a smooth marshmallow wine. Tasty.


Many Bachelorette parties opted to bike from vineyard to vineyard with maps. I admired their ability to not fall and keep biking.

Sad side note, they had a smooth hard cider they sold out of…what a tease. Let you same, none to purchase. Back ordered. A lot of Bachelorette parties out there too, which made for an interesting time. Drinking, engaged women, drinking…lavendar. Extreme lavendar.

It was lovely. Oh, foodie side note. Bin 707 was superb! Local on the wine tour recommended, and it was great. Bin is a local restaurant that specializes in farm to table (limited menu and changes with what is in season). Hipster but well worth it.

Glenwood was lovely along with a spa day (in short I was spoiled). Highlight was the spa day (hot stone awesome pampering of epic proportion and the springs) and hearing a story at Doc Holliday ‘ s about the bus life…maybe later on that. I guess when one travels long distance by bus, there is much to observe on human behavior. The storyteller was entertaining, but regrettably the music was not so we did not stay to hear more. There is just something sad when hearing Sir Mix-aLot’s classic “Big Butts” terribly sampled in what should be an old time saloon. Just wrong.

As to the Hotel Colorado? I hope they can keep it preserved. Love it, and the hidtory, but with no air conditioning, we went at a good time before the heat. Just such a beautiful hotel.


True to form we forgot to take pictures, but here is a snippet of what it looks like. Molly Brown, Teddy Roosevelt, and other notables stayed here. Just a neat place.

Okay, one update. More to come while musing on why it is that I fight with my GPS when she is often right.

A Few Words

Training is done…and while at training a historic ruling was announced. I was over the top happy, teared a but, got distracted by the Internet and the news while at training (bad me), and felt the love overall.

I wanted to share the following a friend posted on Facebook. A warning to the literally minded, this is sarcasm….well, I actually agree with quite a bit…so maybe??? Hope it gives you a chuckle, a grin, and somewhere to begin.

From my friend nicknamed “Trickie” (wickedly witty) on Facebook:

Dear Straight People:

As your new Gay overlords, we herby order you to

-never again wear Crocs
-brush up on your Divas
-keep nose hairs out of view
-stop discussing sports as if that were ever a thing
-admit that disco was awesome
-just call it “marriage” from now on


He included this adorable unicorn. A unicorn appropriately named "Skittles". :)

A long time coming. Many blessings to all. :)


Why Not?

I once knew a girl in the office who celebrated not only her birthday but she had an eight day long tradition (that grew to ten day long tradition) celebrating her birthday she called Hali – kana, or Halichana, or something like that.


Sure, why not?

I asked her the reasoning and in part her response was something along the lines of: who would not want to have a week long celebration? and it was what inevitably happened with her friends and family regardless as they would pop in and celebrate with her when they could. They may not have been with her on her actual birthday, but often within 8-10 days. She liked having it within the week as it still made it special and she then made everyday a birthday. Her gifts were even spread out (often from said friends who would see her later on the week). Still, it was a thing and this year I am reminded of that given the events so far.

It makes sense in some ways, and now I can see that as we all get busier, you may not always have a one grand day with everyone gatheres, but it may be spread out over several different days with different groups of friends. Still it is nice to have some nod or recognition on the day of (I do my best) too…though a month long celebration may be nice as well. May be a bit much though, but meh. We are worth it and life is short anyway.

For this year, it has been interesting. Last week, Martine and I were in Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs, more on that later. The short short version lovely hiking, springs, and vineyards.


Grand Monument...one of many lovely views. :)

Today is the grand museum outing with Jessica. Later on, is the Angus Mohr music and dancing awesomeness weekend with Shelly and Christine. And the list goes on.

It has been an interesting year and reflection more so than usual. Maybe that just happens more as we age I do not know. For whatever the reason, this year, today, I was again reminded of Hermes, and then I find myself thinking fondly of philosophy talks and conveyor belts.

Meantime, I had best dash. Mythical exhibit, possible art, and a grand lunch all goes well. Who knows what this year will bring? Either way, I am looking forward to this month of celebration and friends. :)


If you have read my older blog posts, you would be keenly aware of my love for the film “Big Trouble in Little China”.

Now, I realize that this is not a new phenomenon. Hollywood had done it before with films that I, as a youngster relatively I mistakenly think of as the original and it is a reboot in reality, can’t think of any right now but heard of a few…lately a lot…but for the love of all that is holy. Stahp!

There are talks for remaking this fine piece of 80 ‘ s cinema with the Rock as the lead character, Jack Burton, originally played by Kurt Russell. Now could it be good? I will not deny there is potential, but there is also potential for…yeah…


From ihatepeacocks.com

Why? Seriously, are funds that low? The need that high? Are there no other original scripts out there?

Granted this is not the first, and some have been great reboots (totally looking forward to Simon Pegg ‘ s work on Star Trek ‘ s latest) but still. Maybe this one, just this one, let it pass.


I...do not know that I can take this...

Who would be Gracie Law? Maio Yin? Egg Chen? And above all what kick ass martial artist can be as smug awesome as the original Wang?

How about just re-release in the theaters? That way this generation can get the full theatrical awesome of Big Trouble? Kind of like what they did with Star Wars when they remastered it. Those were good, and no Jar Jar was involved. Can’t we just do that?


And they are talking about redoing The Craft....the list just keeps going on, and on....was it always like this with Hollywood? Maybe it was and I never noticed?

Off Like A….

Well, apparently I did not beat the college kids to the jobs, or the Recession is still in swing enough to be a pain. The main problem I am coming across is they want someone for more than just the summer and a few already filled, sorry. I have not yet given up, but getting summer work is tricky. Oh well, if I do not get to swing the barista life (worth a go with my coffee addiction) for the summer there are worse things. I was just looking forward to a bit of extra savings…meh. I could do the same going on the college Ramen diet I suppose if I really wanted, but it is unnecessary. Though cooking in will likely be interesting this summer as I may just experiment with things on the net.

Still, having the summer off does have a few bonuses, namely there will be no case of the Mondays, and no sense of time. Shelly may take me hiking, hopefully we will not stumble on wildlife or in rivers. The writing could do well as will tweaking photoshop skills. And who knows? Maybe even get some better headway on the website? And I do have the trip to Grand Junction at some point to look forward to…Huzzah wine country with Martine!


My attitude during most of the year...I confess it to my somewhat shame.

Yet, I wonder about life in the corporate horde. I mean sure you work in the summer, but the schedule seems rather constant. There is something appealing to consistent schedules… that and not always pulling in 60 hours a week when you are on, or having late nights for events you have to attend…though I suppose some do, even in the corporate world. There may just be no escaping that kind of schedule, or out of work-day commitments.

I guess in the end we have to find ways to make time for ourselves, friends, and family. On a bright side, we are not also battling the plague…yet (c’mon scientists do not you dare start a zombie epidemic), and we are not in bartering system per se, so unlike the Middle Ages commodity exchange is rather simple. Relatively we have little to worry about in the way of a archer calvary attack ala the Huns on our town. Though at times I feel like I live in a bit of the Wild West…at times. The amount of people increases in one place, lack of housing, boom, you get short tempers and issues.


And he will also want your TPS reports.

So in the meantime, I will just go with the flow. I may still get to try the barista life. Who knows? But for now, Mondays are not yet a thing this summer.


Having a case of the Mondays?

I was slated to blog about this about the time of Beltane…and then as you all know the unexpected…and recently I was reminded of my nerd side again as I muddle through this but improving so bright side point one I guess.

I cannot wait for vacation on the one hand, and on the other I wonder if staying busy and getting a summer job may be a good idea? Being busy sometimes helps with creativity and writing too. Plus, gas money for Moon Kats in Estes Park…kind of a bonus really.

Before I go to do whatever or wherever over break (Grand Junction is and definite side trip–Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, or whatever for a side job, I have not yet figured that out) I will share with you the joy that was Starfest.


Nancy and Meghan at the robot and model section of Starfest. :)

Starfest is a smaller than Comic Con Sci-fi focused event in Denver. It often takes place in mid to late April in the Tech Center (though next year I heard the usual hotel will not be available due to renovations, so next year it will be in one place and then in 2017 back to the Tech Center). Given the smaller scale and focus I have to say I had a great time! That and I was with Nancy and Meghan my Sci-fi (and horror, and film loving) friends.

It was…well…grand.


Starfest costume contest, Steampunk Superman and Wonder Woman...I love her corset!

The size of the place and the nerd fest of awesome! Also another blessing was that my nephew was born on that Sunday. Just good times and memories.

Staying in the hotel made it even more fun. No worries about needing to go anywhere, staying out late of we wanted at the convention, and we did. We tried to make it to the Admiral’s Ball (Starfleet), but it was so crowded we could not get in time but stayed on the outside to see Cheerbear and the Red Power Ranger just kill it. I have tried to load that video but…it just won’t. YouTube problems on my phone. Eventually, if I figure it out, voila, video, meantime just picture it…rap/dance music and those two (about mid-thirties when Red took off his helmet) and could they move!

A bunch of Sci-fi fans having a good time, what was not to love?


After the ball...myself, Nancy, Meghan, and Adam...and I did manage to do a proper Vulcan salute...later though. It was a filled day. :)

So many good costumes and good Steampunk. Ah, to afford the Tardis corset. Well, my live of corsets is quite documented. May they be steel – boned.
Anyway, I am currently catching up with my Dr. Who while finishing up this year’s end of year paperwork. Woot! Martine was right. I just love, love, Donna Noble as a companion. She is sassy!

As to my outfit for this particular celebration? I went next generation Star Trek, commanding crew (red shirts are not always bad, thanks to Riker and Picard…and Scott the original badass red shirt).


It was hard not to laugh when Meghan took this as my camera has such a delay...but I came, saw, and had a good time :)

Yes, I am looking forward to Episode 7, and have more to say in my admiration for Simon Pegg and look forward to his writing the next Star Trek film. I am hopeful for this summer of Sci-fi and Fantasy…and if you wonder if I will be at Denver Comic Con, I have a surprise…more than likely no, though I love Cady Elwes and Sean Astin. It is just sooo big, busy, expensive. Starfest is so much more intimate and I like it better like that, at least for this year. There is also a Myths and Legend Con in August…may or may not go still debating but I have time to decide.

Still it was a great time…yet, I wish they did not have to change locations even if only for a year…meh.


In case you ever wondered.


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